The Wedding

Friday May 27th, 2016

Bayville, NY

We’ve been married for

Bridal Party

Danielle Di Donna-Suraci

Matron of Honor

Zeljko Braut

Best Man

Angie Parlionas


Robert Schear


Sarah Ames


Phil Rickett


Valentina Zuzic


Joseph Suraci


Raquel Natale

Junior Bridesmaid

Nicolas Natale

Junior Groomsman

Gabriella Natale

Flower Girl

Jonathan Mucera

Junior Groomsman

Gianna Natale

Flower Girl

Brandon Natale

Junior Groomsman

Jayden Natale

Ring Bearer

Raffaela Natale-Garufi

Mother of the Bride

Santino Garufi

Stepfather of the Bride

In loving memory of Gennaro Natale, Father of the Bride, the escorts will be the Bride’s Brothers.

Anthony Natale

Johnny Natale

Rose Maracic

Mother of the Groom

Zeljko Maracic

Father of the Groom

Last but not least

AnnaMaria Natale

The Bride

Joseph Maracic

The Groom

Photos From Family & Friends